Sunday, May 25, 2014

Top 10 Things I want to Do This Summer

Today I am linking up with Mrs. Deanna Jump for the Top Ten Things I want to do This Summer. I know many of you are already on summer break. However, here in Indiana, with our whopping 14 snow days, we still have two weeks left.  It will be here and gone before I know it.  So as I go into these last two weeks, I will be thinking of all these wonderful things I can't wait to do over break!

1. Spend some quality time with these two.  We have both been so busy with school and work lately, I can't wait to have some time off together.  

2. Go to Florida! We are going to Florida this summer for our best friend's wedding. We will be spending 10 days on the beautiful beach. 

3. Finish my quilt! I started on a herringbone quilt over winter break for our queen size bed. I have finished the quilt top, but need to work on the back and quilt the whole thing. I can't wait to see the end product. 

4. Present at Digipalooza. I will be presenting three sessions at the eLearning conference this summer.  With some of my teacher friends, we will be presenting on Teachers Pay Teachers, Pages, and Blogger Basics.  

5. Hang out with my teacher friends! We love getting together to blog, talk, create, and of course, eat! Hopefully, we will have more time this summer.  

6. Garden, garden garden. This photo is from our carrot harvest last fall.  Our garden did really well last summer, but I hope this year, it will be even better!

7.  Visit family.  The majority of my family live about 45 minutes away.  I want to make lots of trips this summer to visit them.  

8.  Create more products for my classroom and my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  I have lots of ideas up my sleeve :)

9. Pack and move two classrooms.  Two of my schools are getting remodeled this year.  I will be moving into a new room at one school and getting a new room at another school! This means new decorations. Yay!

10. End summer classes with a bang! Just started the summer semester at IUS for my Master's degree. I am glad I can get work done with a view like this. 

Two more weeks, and then I can complete some of my top ten things I want to do this summer! Comment below with your top ten! Thanks Deanna for hosting the linky! Now, on to summer :)

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