Monday, May 12, 2014

Five Favorite Pins of May

Today I am linking up with Aileen Miracle from Mrs. Miracle's Music Room for my Five Favorite Pins of May! Here they are!!!

Favorite Pin #1:

How fun are these?!  I have always wanted to incorporate a behavior clip chart into my classroom; however, with the large number of students and classes, I didn't think it was feasible.  With this method, I can easily assign a class to each clothespin.  Each class period, the class would either move their clothespin up or down the guitar according to their behavior for the day.  When they reach, "We Rock," the students receive a reward!

Favorite Pin #2:

We continuously use our "hand staff" in our music classroom! I love this idea of actually drawing our hand staff and marking the lines, spaces, and note names on the drawing.  

Favorite Pin #3: 

These wonderful rhythm manipulatives can be found on the Rhythm Band website.  These seem extremely durable and large enough to easily handle with the kindergartners.  I often use popsicle sticks to notate rhythm concepts.  I would love to have a set of these rhythms to quickly grab to demonstrate a rhythm.  I also am glad the rhythms are different colors!

Favorite Pin #4:

I am in LOVE with this jellyfish! Simply cut off the bottom of a 2-litter and add eyes and ribbon. This would be an excellent prop for a movement activity.  Maybe to "Aquarium" from Carnival of the Animals?! I am adding this to my summer to-do list!

Favorite Pin #5: 

With the love of "Let it Go" from Frozen, I just had to repin this pin! It is the boomwhacker version of my students' favorite song, "Let it Go." Enjoy!

Those are my five favorite pins of May! What are yours?! Link up with Mrs. Miracle's Music Room to share!


  1. Great pins! Thanks for joining the party! :)

    1. Thanks for hosting! I look forward to this linky every month!

  2. I use the guitars and my students love it! They earn a music reward when they reach the top!

    1. Songbird Serenade, what type of rewards do you often give to your students? I have so many students, it often gets tedious trying to come up something cheap, but something they love. I often do a popcorn/sing-a-long party, dance day, or maybe a piece of candy. What do you do.

  3. I am so sorry I missed your question! I let the kids pick some choices. The first time up the guitar was a smaller prize, the second time bigger, etc. The idea behind the guitar was if you got to the top you were ahead of schedule, you earned extra time. I had kids vote on watching a silly music video, dancing along to a just dance or maybe repeating a game they loved (about 5 minutes). The second time the class voted it was for a longer prize maybe pick any instrument in the room and play it nicely until I turn the lights off, freeze dance (they can NOT get enough of it!), an online music game together, etc. The third time they earned the entire period. Sometimes it would be music outside, extra recess, read music books (Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly, etc.) to a partner, Dance Party (electric slide, cha-cha slide, etc.).

    I guess for me it was almost always an extension of what we were doing but just their favorites! I always let them propose another option (that's how extra recess got on there). It's all community building and it really teaches me a lot to see the students outside of my room! Hope that helps!

    ~ Kate