Wednesday, April 30, 2014

MadPad Compositions

The fad that is MadPad! What is MadPad, you ask? MadPad is the ultimate app for the iPad in the music classroom.  

MadPad, created by Smule, allows students to create music from anything, yes anything!  The app, which costs $2.99, comes with over 50 FREE preinstalled sets to play, anything from drums to bottles.  Students can also record their own sounds to create a set.  A set features 12 video clips.  Students simply tap an image to play the sound.  You can also loop a sound and/or record your performance.  MadPad also allows for multitouch, so multiple sounds can be played at the same time. The multitouch is perfect when a limited number of iPads are available.  Here is what a set looks like: 

I am fortunate to have 1:1 devices in the fourth and fifth grades at all four of my schools.  Each fourth grade student has MadPad installed on their iPads.  Since my students and I were so excited about this new app, I wanted to use it in our upcoming music program.  Luckily our transportation theme for the program fit perfectly with the Honda Accord set on MadPad! I then decided to create a composition project for my fourth grade students using MadPad. 

To begin, I found a wonderful composition worksheet from O for Tuna Orff that she used for Boomwhackers.  I created a similar worksheet that could be used for MadPad.  

For this activity, you will need a die, pencil, and worksheet.  I first partnered up my students for this activity.  Students roll the die to determine the rhythm to fit in each beat, or oval.  Once all ovals are filled in, the students placed the MadPad number in the square.  This number designates the sound clip used for that rhythm (shown below).  

After students completed their rhythms and sound clips for their compositions, they then practiced their parts. Due to time restrictions, I had each pair of students pick their favorite line to create a rhythmic ostinato.  We then combined pairs of students to create a group of 8 students.  The students decided how they wanted to put their parts together.  They also decided on a name for their composition, an introduction, and an ending.  The collaboration was incredible!

  Even though each student has an iPad, I only had room to plug four iPads into the sound board for the program.  As a result, students shared their iPads to play their parts! I was so proud of all their work and collaborating! The results were AMAZING!

Our next project (in the future) is to create our own MadPad sets using found sounds in our classroom! My students LOVED Madpad! You NEED to try it! Your students will fall in love too!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Five For Friday

Yay! It's FRIDAY!! I am linking of with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday!

This year I started an Orff ensemble at one of my elementary schools. The group featured twelve wonderful 4th and 5th grade students.  The group performed two pieces at the school board meeting: "Balafon" on the xylophones and "Star Wars" on the Boomwhackers.  I was so proud to be their teacher! 

BOOMWHACKERS! We have been having so much fun with the Boomwhackers in 5th grade!!! We played Gotye's "Somebody that I Used to Know."  This was the arrangement I found online.  I just transferred the parts to the Boomwhackers instead of the xylophones.

We also played a fun conducting game! The students had to remain completely quiet. One selected student came to the middle of the circle and conducted the group with body movements. It was so much fun and taught the students to really follow a conductor!!! 

I am finishing up with classes!! I felt very accomplished this week as I completed all my homework assignments for the Spring semester.  
Whew! Glad it's over!

I have busily been working on a large transportation-themed rhythm unit! This bundle features worksheets, Powerpoint lessons, games, and assessments. More to come!!

We have updated our garden! Last year, I was so tired of mowing and weeding-eating our fenced-in garden.  The solution: lay weedpaper and lots of mulch! The results were beautiful :)

See you next week! 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Tutorial: How to Make Cute Recorder Cases

Want to jazz up your students' recorder cases?! Here is an easy and simple tutorial for making these fun recorder cases. Did I say simple? Yes, sew simple!

What you will need:
  • Fabric
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Rotary cutter and mat (optional)

1. First, cut fabric to the following dimensions: 15 in. X 5 1/2 in. 

2. Next, on the 5 1/2 inch side, make a double fold (each fold 1/4 in).  Sew fold to create the top of the recorder case.  Don't forget to backstitch in the beginning and the end. 

3. Then fold the right sides together. 

Sew the right sides together along the bottom and long edge.  I used a 1/4 seam allowance.  When going around corner, leave needle in down position, lift presser foot, and turn fabric.  Lower presser foot and continue to sew. Again don't forget to backstitch in the beginning and end!

4. To get square corners, trim the bottom corners of the recorder case.  Make sure you do not cut the stitches. 

5. Finally, turn inside out! You are finished! Told you it was simple :) But oh, so fun!

Per the boys request, I made camo and John Deere cases this weekend!

In my classroom, I use the Recorder Karate series.  When students get their black belts, they also get to pick a recorder case!  More to come on how I use Recorder Karate in my classroom....

As for now, good luck on your sewing adventures.  Even if you are new to sewing, these cases are extremely easy, simple, and only take about 10 mins.  

Friday, April 18, 2014

Peep, Peep! I Hear a Sale!

Have you heard the news? Several Teacher Pay Teacher sellers are having a sale!  The sale begins Easter morning and runs through Sunday at midnight.  Participating sellers will have their stores marked down 20%.  No discount code required.  

So fill up your Easter basket ahead of time, and then come back on Sunday to grab these great deals!

Here are a few items you may want to look out for in my store:

1. Space Pals ~ Music Worksheet Bundle

This fun Star Wars themed bundle features over 40 music worksheets!  Includes worksheets that focus on the lines and space, notes on the treble clef, and notes on the bass clef.  

2. Looking for some fun, spring clipart?! Check out this adorable set of bug clipart! 

Here are some items I can't wait to purchase during the sale:

1.  Glitter Meets Glue's Music Notes, Rhythms, and Symbols Dipped in Glitter

I can't wait to add some sparkle to my products!  I wish listed this product as soon as it was posted!

2.  Boomwhacker Guess the Tune by Music and Technology

My students are just beginning the Boomwhacker unit! I would love to introduce them to this fun game.  

Don't forget to hop over for the sale on Sunday morning!  Happy Easter!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Five Favorite Pins of April

Ekkk! I am so excited to participate in my first linky party! Thank you to Aileen Miracle from Mrs. Miracle's Music Room for hosting the Five Favorite Pins of April linky party!  Where do I begin? Pinterest is a slight addiction for me! How do I narrow it down to just five?! Well after much deliberating, here they are: 

#1: Boomwhacker Storage

Within the past two years, I have purchased eight sets of boomwhackers for one of my classrooms. Currently, I have them stored in a tall clothes hamper.  The basket is getting crammed full, and it is difficult to find the smaller tubes.  I would love to do this in my classroom.  I have a long, blank wall ready for this boomwhacker storage! And why not display the beautiful colors?!

#2 Pom Pom Tree

Oh, how I would love to do this in my room.  Since our classroom theme is songbirds, this would be a perfect addition!  

#3 Storage Seats

At one of my schools, our music classroom is very, very small.  Any time we do dances or large movement activities, we have to fold up the chairs and stack them against the wall.  The classroom also lacks storage.  I think I am going to make this a summer project. These storage seats would be perfect to line up on the edge of my walls and use for extra storage.  And they are cuter than folding chairs, don't you think?

#4 Fairy Bell Rings

I have always wanted to make the ribbon dancers on rings, but adding bells?!  That is genius. My students would go nuts over these. 

#5 This is Why....

The words on the poster say it all :)

I hope you enjoyed my five favorite pins! I look forward to sharing these with you each month.    

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Welcome to Sew Much Music!

Welcome to Sew Much Music! Yes, you read it right...Sew!  I am a lover of music and all things crafty!  This blog, designed by the wonderful Megan Favre at A Bird in Hands Design, will be filled with elementary music lesson ideas, TPT freebies and products, and crafting tutorials and inspirations.  Living in a small Southern Indiana town, I teach music at four wonderful elementary schools! Four times the teacher friends, four times the supporting administrators, and four times the inspiring students.  Even though I am very busy, I am extremely blessed and thankful for my teaching position.  I can't wait to share teaching and crafting ideas with you!  Through this blog, I hope to connect with other teachers, bloggers, and crafters! Here are 15 things you didn't know about me:

1. I have been married three years to my 
                                wonderful high school sweetheart! 

            He is always by my side, and he inspires me everyday 
to be a better person and teacher. 
     2. Even though I can "play" all the instruments, 
I am a flute player at heart! 

     3. I am currently going through caffeine withdraw.  I would love 
some Coke Classic, but I have to stay away 
from this heart pumping drug. 

     4. My husband I are starting our seeds for our second 
annual garden! Lots of veggies to come! 

     5. I am addicted to Cadbury Easter Mini-Eggs.  
After the holiday is over, I often look on eBay for 
more eggs to get me though the year. 

     6. I am a major klutz...breaking my arms four 
different times might be a sign. 

     7.  I am a mother of a wonderful, four-legged friend.  
Cinder is our sweet, cuddly kitty who 
enjoys sleeping, sleeping, and sleeping. 
Occasionally, he will join in on some sewing. 

     8. I love to cook!  I am always willing to try a new recipe.
 It also helps that my husband works at Whole Foods. 

    9.  Yes, I am a board game nerd.  Love Settlers of Catan, 
Ticket to Ride, and 7 Wonders just to name a few!

    10. My all time favorite movie is The Notebook.  
I am a lover of sappy chick-flicks. 

    11.  I have recently become obsessed with graphic designing! 
Clipart, frames, name it, I will try it. 

    12.  Friday nights are my favorite!  Some of my great friends 
get together for quilting, knitting, 
crocheting, and MacBooking (new word)!

    13. I have over 1200 wonderful students! 
And yes, I know all their names!

    14. With the help of YouTube and my aunt, I taught myself 
to hand quilt over the summer.  

    15.  I have a huge heart!