Sunday, April 6, 2014

Welcome to Sew Much Music!

Welcome to Sew Much Music! Yes, you read it right...Sew!  I am a lover of music and all things crafty!  This blog, designed by the wonderful Megan Favre at A Bird in Hands Design, will be filled with elementary music lesson ideas, TPT freebies and products, and crafting tutorials and inspirations.  Living in a small Southern Indiana town, I teach music at four wonderful elementary schools! Four times the teacher friends, four times the supporting administrators, and four times the inspiring students.  Even though I am very busy, I am extremely blessed and thankful for my teaching position.  I can't wait to share teaching and crafting ideas with you!  Through this blog, I hope to connect with other teachers, bloggers, and crafters! Here are 15 things you didn't know about me:

1. I have been married three years to my 
                                wonderful high school sweetheart! 

            He is always by my side, and he inspires me everyday 
to be a better person and teacher. 
     2. Even though I can "play" all the instruments, 
I am a flute player at heart! 

     3. I am currently going through caffeine withdraw.  I would love 
some Coke Classic, but I have to stay away 
from this heart pumping drug. 

     4. My husband I are starting our seeds for our second 
annual garden! Lots of veggies to come! 

     5. I am addicted to Cadbury Easter Mini-Eggs.  
After the holiday is over, I often look on eBay for 
more eggs to get me though the year. 

     6. I am a major klutz...breaking my arms four 
different times might be a sign. 

     7.  I am a mother of a wonderful, four-legged friend.  
Cinder is our sweet, cuddly kitty who 
enjoys sleeping, sleeping, and sleeping. 
Occasionally, he will join in on some sewing. 

     8. I love to cook!  I am always willing to try a new recipe.
 It also helps that my husband works at Whole Foods. 

    9.  Yes, I am a board game nerd.  Love Settlers of Catan, 
Ticket to Ride, and 7 Wonders just to name a few!

    10. My all time favorite movie is The Notebook.  
I am a lover of sappy chick-flicks. 

    11.  I have recently become obsessed with graphic designing! 
Clipart, frames, name it, I will try it. 

    12.  Friday nights are my favorite!  Some of my great friends 
get together for quilting, knitting, 
crocheting, and MacBooking (new word)!

    13. I have over 1200 wonderful students! 
And yes, I know all their names!

    14. With the help of YouTube and my aunt, I taught myself 
to hand quilt over the summer.  

    15.  I have a huge heart! 


  1. Okay, your cat is the cutest EVER, and I love Settlers of Catan too! I'm not a music teacher, but I love getting crafty and creative, so I'm following along and can't wait to see what you share :) LOVE your new blog design!


    1. Thank you Jenny! I do think my cat is the cutest ever! He is very sweet and cuddly. If you love Settlers, you need to check out the other games I mention! Love them. I hope to get some tutorials up here soon on some crafting ideas! I got a new sewing machine for Christmas, and I been making purses and doing some quilting! Thank you for following in my adventures.

  2. Nice to 'meet' you, Jena! You have a lovely blog! I am in love with the colors! I also am interested to see what you've got planned for the 'sew' part of your blogging adventure! I love to sew...but it's hard to find the time!

    Primary Inspired

    1. It is nice to meet you as well ;) I understand what you mean when it is hard to find time! I hope to post some tutorials for quilting and purse making. Those are the two things I am currently sewing in my craftroom! I will also include some posts on simple projects. Thank you for following me in my journey!